1Welcome to Kindergarten

Parent Orientation Click the Picture Below


The Kindergarten Team

Room #3- Ms. Blinn
[email protected]

Room #10- Mrs. Therrien 
 [email protected]

Hello Kindergarten families!
Here are some resources to help support your student’s learning at home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child’s teacher with the above e-mail address or though their app.  Stay healthy and safe! We miss you!  

Schoology is our new learning portal. This is where students will need to go to access their zooms, assignments, and various subjects. Students can access this page through the Student Applications page of their SPS laptops.

Other Helpful Resources
Sight Word Practice PowerPoint Kindergarten Sight Word Practice.pptx
Zoom Expectations: Zoom Expectations.pdf

Family Technology Support

Linked below are some helpful resources for parents. Both go over basic technology support and how to assist your students with the SPS learning platforms, including laptop and student login information.

How to Create and Sign Into the Parent Schoology Mobile App.pdf 

IT Slides for Parents.pptx

Being a Reader Books

Below are PDF files of Book Sets that correspond with the Being A Reader Curriculum for Kindergarten students. These books are great for your child's independent reading. Here are
 the QR codes (you will need a scanner app for phones and tablets to download books) and the book files for Sets 1-3.

Kindergarten Being a Reader Set 1 Texts
SET 1 BOOKS QR Codes.pdf
Set 1 Week 1.pdf        Set 1 Week 2.pdf
Set 1 Week 3.pdf        Set 1 Week 4.pdf
Set 1 Week 5.pdf        Set 1 Week 6.pdf
Set 1 Week 7.pdf        Set 1 Week 8.pdf
Set 1 Extra Instruction Nat the Rat.pdf
Set 1 Extra Instruction Can you See My Fish.pdf
Set 1 Extra Instruction Kat and Rick Get a Rock.pdf

Kindergarten Being a Reader Set 2 Texts
SET 2 BOOKS QR Codes.pdf
Set 2 Week 1.pdf        Set 2 Week 2.pdf
Set 2 Week 3.pdf        Set 2 Week 4.pdf
Set 2 Week 5.pdf        Set 2 Week 6.pdf
Set 2 Week 7.pdf        Set 2 Week 8.pdf
Set 2 Extra Instruction The Pet.pdf
Set 2 Extra Instruction Wag.pdf
Set 2 Extra Instruction We Have Fish.pdf
Set 2 Extra Instruction A Bad Fox.pdf

Kindergarten Being a Reader Set 3 Texts

SET 3 BOOKS QR Codes.pdf
Set 3 Week 1.pdf        Set 3 Week 2.pdf
Set 3 Week 3.pdf        Set 3 Week 4.pdf
Set 3 Week 5.pdf        Set 3 Week 6.pdf
Set 3 Week 7.pdf        Set 3 Week 8.pdf
Set 3 Extra Instruction The Good Little Ducks Pt 2.pdf
Set 3 Extra Instruction The Skunk.pdf
Set 3 Extra Instruction The Band.pdf
Set 3 Extra Instruction The Clowns.pdf