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Warner Wildcats Design ChallengeA heart of appreciation.

This is an all school design challenge. This is for students, parents, teachers and administration. Design a heart and share to be posted in our class page. 
We began our journey together talking about change. 

Life come with many changes e.g.

  • something different has occurred.
  • A shift in circumstances.
  • A difference from what was to what is…
  • An adjustment in life.
  • A reversal of normal circumstances.
  • Life has taken a turn.
  • A new variation has been introduced into your life.
  • A break in life’s normal routines.
  • A distortion of what you knew as normal.

    These changes comes with many different feelings........
  • Frustration,
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous
  • Confusion
  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Scared
  • Excited


This feeling is normal, and we all experience them. Yes, we all do from teachers, to principals, parents, student’s grandparents all alike.


During these unique times we have learned all how to be brave, take courage and help one another in taking a step forward.


I would like invite Wildcats to making a heart for a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, teacher, neighbor who has helped during these trying times.


See directions for heart. Please share the project with who ever you choose to give it too. Also take a picture and post it at Unified Classroom or Class dojo

If you do not mind if we share it with at the school web site.


Ms. Magua


A heart of appreciation:Project Directions

I went for a walk and collected materials from nature. Can you find some interesting things from nature during your outdoor time. Remember be safe, healthy and practice social distancing.

Heart Project: K-5
Materials: Gather materials from your outdoor environment sticks
stones, cones, flowers petals, leaves etc.
Step one: Separate materials by color, size, texture, for examples:
Big versus small
Dark versus light
Rough versus smooth.

Step two: Draw a love heart on a paper, cardboard, or the ground using chalk. Be creative.
How to draw a heart:

Step three: Get creative-fill one side of your heart with one category/column/
category/column like Big or Dark or Rough, Colorful.

Step four: Fill the other side/opposite side with your heart with the other
category/column/group like small, light, smooth.

Step five: Make a flower arrangement of two or three petals of flowers and decorate your heart.

Take a picture and share it through Unified Classroom or Class dojo.

email:[email protected]