Grade 1


Hi 1st Grade Families!

Grade 1 Teachers:

Room 14- Mrs. Giec  
[email protected]
Room 15- Mrs. Elias
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sight words
Sight Word Practice 
Grade 1 Sight Word List
Pick any activity below to practice!

  • MEMORY: Create two sets of High-Frequency Word cards and play a game of “Memory.” Lay the cards face down on the floor or the table. Take turns trying to match identical words. The person with the most pairs wins.
  • GO FISH: Create two sets of High-Frequency Word cards and play “Go Fish.” The goal is to have the most matched word pairs at the end of the game. Each player receives seven cards and follows the standard rules for playing “Go Fish.” (Example: Player 1 “Do you have the word FROM?” If Player 2 has the requested word card then they must give it to Player 1 and Player 1 sets down their match. If Player 2 does not have the requested word card, then Player 1 must draw a card, and it is now Player 2’s turn.)
  • BINGO: Create Bingo cards with the words and play a game of High-Frequency Word Bingo.
  • HIGHLIGHT: Look at magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, etc. and highlight and read the high-frequency words.
  • RAINBOW WRITE: Choose a word and write it using different colored markers or crayons.
  • SNOWBALL: Set up a waste-paper basket 3 or 4 feet from a table. On scrap paper, write the letters or high-frequency words. Have the student say the letter (or word) and if correct crumple the paper and toss it for a basket.
  • UP THE STAIRS: Write high- frequency words (or letters) on index cards. Stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Flash the words and if the student is correct, have them take a step up the stairs. Write “Go Back One Step” or “Go Forward One Step” on several index cards  for some added challenge.  (This game can be played with multiple students by having different cards based on their needs.  Even older kids can play along by including math equations or vocabulary words.)
  • ALPHABET SOUP: Put magnetic letters in a pot and use a soup ladle to scoop them out. Have students identify the letter they scoop!
  • SPOTLIGHT: Post high-frequency words or letters on the walls or floor, or around the room. Give students a flashlight and have them hunt for words. As they shine their light on the words, ask them to read them.
  • EGG HUNT: Put sight words or letters inside colored plastic eggs and hide them around the house. Have students collect the eggs and read the words they find.
  • TWIRL, HOP, READ: Write down movement activities or exercises on small scraps of paper and put them in a bag or bowl.
    • Some suggestions include: twirl once, hop 2 times, do 3 jumping jacks, run in place, or any other movement idea appropriate for the age of your children. Before flashing a high-frequency word, pick a movement activity from the bag. Show the word (or letter) and if the student gets it right, they do the movement on the paper.  If they do not know the word, read the word to the student, ask the student to spell the word and read the word again. Then, put the card back into the deck to try again.