Collective Nouns

Gr. K sightword game sets 1 & 2.pdf

Gr. 1 sightword game board sets 3 & 4.pdf

Hi Students and Parents! 

Have your own drawing lesson each day with famous author and illustrator Mo Willims! Just click on the picture to get there and find out more!


Hey Parents, The link above will change weekly and bring you to:

  • An easy-to-follow schedule, by grade, for Kindergarten through 5th grade students
  • Daily, grade-specific, teacher-delivered video lessons for Math and Literacy
  • Worksheets for the Math and Literacy video lessons
  • Daily Specials activities including Art, STEM, Social Emotional Learning, and more
  • They have also provided .pdf files for teacher and students to download of manipulatives to cut out.  

 Tap on the ear and listen to 100's of books online FREE at amazon audible!


Hello K-2 parents, at this site (click link below) children have the option to either read books themselves, or have books read aloud to them! There are hundreds of books to choose from, in either English or Spanish!

You’re actually living through history! 

Take advantage of your time at home with your FAMILY!  Click on this image of a time capsule and each day work on completing this cool packet. Keep it for years to come!  

Someday, you can share this with your own children and grandchildren; when you’re “older and wiser”…like us!! ??

Have some GREAT family fun playing Mad Libs, and learn your parts of speech at the same time!  Once entering the site, click on any story title and you'll be prompted to fill in a missing part of speech
(definitions of each is found at the top of the site ?? remember; nouns,verbs,adjectives, adverbs...).  
After filling in all blank boxes, you will be able to generate a unique, hysterical story of your own!  

Grades K-5
ABCya is a great site for reinforcing all skills in all subjects  with fun and interactive games! Tap the image below.

Hey Kids, Listen to actors read your favorite stories to you here at Storyline!

Below are some more suggestions for remote learning from The Springfield Public Schools


While school is not in session, students should be reading a variety of books for 60 minutes a day. This does not have to be all at once. It can be cumulatively through the course of each day. Whenever possible, younger children should be read to and read with as part of that 60 minutes. Students may wish to read from a variety of sources that include books, magazines, and eBooks.


All students can access eBooks through ScholasticLitPro.  Scholastic Lit Pro is a wonderful resource for our kindergarten-grade 5 students to enjoy eBooks that include stories as well as informational texts.


Students should also have an opportunity to talk to someone about what they have read. They should be encouraged to share what they like or don’t like, what they have learned, and what else they may want to know.


iReady Reading – each student in K-5 should log into iReady and spend at least 15 minutes working in iReady reading at least 3 times per week.


Other resources – the following sites have reading resources for elementary students.



Students should have an opportunity to write daily. This opportunity may include the following:

  • Writing in response to what they have read: retelling, adding to or changing the ending, comparing two stories, and sharing an opinion on what they learned about a topic or about a character
  • Creative writing: personal diary, poetry, stories about their lives, made-up stories, sharing what they know about a topic
  • Drawing is also an important component of writing. Students should be encouraged to draw pictures to accompany their stories. They should be encouraged to include pictures of what they are sharing on a topic.
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