Pre K

Preschool News 


Our Theme for this month is called: Nature All Around Us 

 During this theme children will:

  • learn how plants grow

  • learn how the sky is different during the day and night

  • learn how the weather affects what they wear and do

  • learn about the four seasons of the year

  • identify beginning sounds in words as same or different

  • practice addition problem solving using objects

  • identify and match ending sounds in words

  • flip, slide, and rotate shapes to notice shape constancy

  • observe and describe temperature

  • recognize numerals

  • write their name and copy letters

  • use pictures to assist with comprehension of text

  • ask and answer questions about texts read

  • retell a story

create a new story ending

  •    The following websites/apps are great for preschoolers:

abcya       starfall