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This is a collection of live nature cams, featuring everything from eagles to bees and jellyfish:

Here is a list of online resources for games, videos, and activities! Some you should be familiar with, like STEM Scopes, but others are new resources. Directions are included for each site.         Elementary Science Websites for Students 2020.docx

STEM Scopes login for non-school laptops:,1,GvDfIMhy647fN7P-EaXpmT8czdq1kM-n8Pt13vO22idF7kH6xB-5m4-EpbGh4KqlvRcFbAvT_ndEspyPFfafMNvQJrVzgmexu3DcW66KMRYKHoKlgA,,&typo=1