Warner Library
Book Return
A big part of library growth is choosing a JUST RIGHT book from the library and returning it on time.

Your child's class has library every other week.  This gives them 2 weeks to fully enjoy their library book.

Please help your child(ren) choose a safe place to keep their library book away from brothers/sisters/animals and kitchen spills.

Looking for Books for your students to read?
The Springfield Public Library is open again.
 Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard, Pine Point are the nearest libraries to our school.
A direct link to SPL is above
Many of our families filled out library card applications for the City library. Mrs. Fitzgerald dropped off many the week of October 4th.  Let me know if you don't get a card in the mail by the end of October and I can check with the public library.  

eBooks and audiobooks available to students through Scholastic Literacy Pro and SORA
Warner School had many library books still out from the closure in March 2020.  If you find library books at home, please have your student bring them in.  THANK YOU for your help with this!

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